POC Junior Pocito Skull Ski Helmet

POC Junior Pocito Skull Ski Helmet

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The POC Pocito Skull Ski Helmet is a finely crafted piece of protective gear that puts the safety and visibility of young skiers first. Tailored to the unique needs of children, this helmet blends essential safety features with thoughtful design elements to ensure a secure and enjoyable skiing experience.

Equipped with a robust Aramid Penetration Barrier, the helmet offers superior protection against sharp objects, assuring parents that their child's safety is paramount. The helmet's adjustable sizing is a standout feature, allowing it to grow with the child and maintain a snug and comfortable fit over time.

Safety is not compromised when it comes to visibility. The Pocito Skull Ski Helmet comes in striking fluorescent colors, complemented by reflective stickers that enhance visibility on the slopes. This attention to visibility significantly reduces the risk of collisions with other skiers, fostering a safer environment for everyone. As an added safety measure, the helmet comes with an accessory pack that includes a LED light and a fluorescent vest.

The helmet's practicality extends to the goggle clip, which features a designated My Info-space for parents to provide contact details. This valuable feature streamlines communication in case of unforeseen situations, further boosting the overall safety of young skiers.

It's essential to note that the helmet's color may naturally fade over time due to the pigments used and exposure to sunlight. However, this fading is a result of conscious choices made during product development to prioritize both safety and environmental considerations. While the fading may not be as preventable as with traditional additives, it's important to understand that it does not reflect a defect in the product but rather a conscious design choice.

In summary, the POC Pocito Skull Ski Helmet seamlessly combines safety and visibility for young skiers. With a sturdy protective layer, reflective accents, and practical add-ons, this helmet stands as an exemplary choice for parents seeking a reliable and well-designed solution for their children's skiing endeavors.

  • Shell of injected PC/ABS
  • Multi-impact EPP liner.
  • Aramid Penetration Barrier
  • Comfortable LD foam lining, removable for easy cleaning
  • Turn-ring size adjustment system
  • Goggle clip with contact information in case the child is lost
  • Includes accessory pack with a LED lamp for better visibility in the dark and a POCito Bib in fluorescent orange with reflectors, to be worn over the jacket.
  • Color finish: shiny

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POC Junior Pocito Skull Ski Helmet
POC Junior Pocito Skull Ski Helmet
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