Airhead Bungee Dock Line 5 Feet

Airhead Bungee Dock Line 5 Feet

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The Airhead Bungee Dock Line is a versatile and reliable solution for docking boats and personal watercraft (PWC). These dock lines are designed to absorb shock and protect your boat, cleats, docks, pylons, and other hardware during docking maneuvers.

The bungee cord is concealed inside the rope, acting as a built-in snubber that helps absorb and dissipate the shock caused by sudden movements or strong currents. This feature reduces stress on your boat and the docking components, enhancing safety and preventing damage.

To further protect your boat, the dock lines are equipped with two foam floats. These floats serve as buffers, minimizing chafing and extending the longevity of your boat's finish.

For convenience and versatility, the dock lines feature sliding adjustments at both ends. This allows for quick and efficient docking, ensuring a secure and snug fit in various docking scenarios.

The Airhead Bungee Dock Line is recommended for docking boats and PWCs weighing up to 3,500 pounds, making it suitable for a wide range of recreational watercraft. The rope itself has a tensile strength of 2,150 pounds, providing durability and reliability during docking operations.

With a stretching capacity of 5 ½ feet, these dock lines offer flexibility to accommodate different docking distances. Whether you need a shorter or longer line, the Airhead Bungee Dock Line provides the versatility to suit your specific needs.

In terms of aesthetics, these dock lines come in a multi-color black, blue, and red color scheme, adding a touch of style to your boat or PWC.

Overall, the Airhead Bungee Dock Line offers shock absorption, protection, and convenience during docking. Its hidden bungee cord, foam floats, adjustable design, and strong construction make it a practical and reliable choice for securing your watercraft at the dock.

  • Far more sensible than regular rope
  • Stretches and re-tightens to keep craft tight against the dock bumper even when the waters wavy
  • Two foam floats keep line from sinking and protect boats finish
  • Ends have loops with slides for quick, easy docking
  • Works on craft weighing up to 4,000 lb.; 2,150-lb. tensile strength

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Airhead Bungee Dock Line 5 Feet
Airhead Bungee Dock Line 5 Feet
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