Armada Strive 12 GW Ski Bindings 2024

Armada Strive 12 GW Ski Bindings 2024

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The Rundown

The Armada Strive 12 GW Ski Bindings 2024 are the perfect companion for modern freeride and freestyle skis. Designed to meet the demands of contemporary skiing, these bindings offer a range of features that enhance your performance on the slopes.

One of the standout features of the Strive 12 GW is its low center of gravity, which provides stability and control, particularly important for those seeking to conquer challenging terrain. The neutral stance it offers is ideal for freeriders and freestylers who require precision and balance.

These bindings are not only performance-oriented but also lightweight, making them a great choice for those looking to minimize weight on their setup. They are auto GRIPWALK compatible, ensuring compatibility with a variety of ski boot sole types.

The extra-wide AFD (Anti-Friction Device) in these bindings ensures a secure connection to your skis, optimizing power transmission and control. Additionally, the 3-piece heel piece enhances the natural flex of your ski, resulting in improved feel on the snow. These bindings also offer superior elastic travel, ensuring that you stay securely connected even when tackling rough and challenging terrain.

In summary, the Armada Strive 12 GW Ski Bindings 2024 are engineered to meet the demands of modern skiing styles, providing a low center of gravity, neutral stance, lightweight design, and excellent connectivity to your skis. Whether you're tackling freeride adventures or hitting the terrain park for freestyle tricks, these bindings deliver where it matters most.

Toe Piece

  • LDN Toe – (Low, Direct, Neutral) Low profile toe, very close to snow.
  • Automatic Wing Adjustment – Adapts automatically and easily to your boot width and height. It also keeps release values constant for worn out boots.
  • Automatic Toe Height Adjustment
  • XL Wings – Longer toepiece wings provide superior lateral power transmission, better centering and easier step in in powder.

Heel Piece

  • 3 Part Heel Light – Low profile design with lighter construction
  • Additional Features
  • Low Profile Chassis – A low stand height improves your feel for the terrain and enhances power transmission to the ski.
  • +Elastic Travel – Superior elastic travel keeps you in when you want, lets you out when needed while ensuring a smoother ride.
  • Adjustment Range – 30 mm
  • We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.

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Armada Strive 12 GW Ski Bindings 2024
Armada Strive 12 GW Ski Bindings 2024
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