Atomic Redster STI 90 LC Race Ski Boots 2024

Atomic Redster STI 90 LC Race Ski Boots 2024

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The Rundown

The Atomic Unisex Redster STI 90 LC Race Ski Boots for 2024 cater to the needs of younger and lighter junior racers, offering a blend of performance and comfort that rivals full-sized race boots. Despite its designation as a junior boot, the Redster STI 90 LC doesn't compromise on essential race features and technologies.

This race boot boasts Atomic's advanced World Cup liner technology, ensuring an exceptional level of tactile feedback and a precise connection between the liner and the boot shell. This enhancement not only contributes to a heightened skiing experience but also aids in transmitting the skier's movements effectively to the skis.

The Redster STI 90 LC features a Slim Race Shell design, which sets it apart from typical junior race boots. This design enables a more flexible flex pattern, allowing young racers to maneuver with greater ease and agility on the slopes.

The boot's Power Control feature adds a layer of personalization, allowing racers to fine-tune both the forward lean and the precise stiffness of the boot. This customization empowers junior racers to tailor the boot's performance to their preferences, enhancing their confidence and comfort on race day.

While the cuff height is slightly lower to accommodate younger legs, the Redster STI 90 LC is far from being simply a junior boot. Its advanced features, including the Slim Race Shell and Power Control, give junior racers a taste of high-performance racing technology and help them feel like they're competing on the big stage.

In summary, the Atomic Unisex Redster STI 90 LC Race Ski Boots 2024 offer young and lightweight junior racers a boot that's both responsive and comfortable. With features borrowed from elite race boots, these boots ensure that junior racers can tackle the slopes with confidence, control, and a sense of professional-level performance.

True Size Mondopoint 22
On our women's models, we offer a true shell size in MP 22 plus an appropriate liner construction.

Dual-Sided Cuff Alignment
Allows for lateral cuff angle adjustment to match the angle of the leg for increased comfort and control.

Power Control
Allows for forward lean adjustment and an extremely solid connection of the cuff to the shell.

Polyurethane (PU) plastic delivers great skiing performance, suspension, and progressive flex.

Regular Cuff - All Sizes
Regular cuff height on all sizes within the size range.

World Cup
3D Stretch Toe Box
Asymmetrically shaped for left/right, 3D Stretch Toe Box allows for extra length and big toe comfort.

Full Microfiber Outer

Racing Sole (non-replaceable)
Solid plastic sole used in World Cup racing that delievers performance, stability, and precision.

Size Adjuster
Sizing inserts that can be added under the footbed to make any boot precisely a half size smaller.

2nd Power Control Screw


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Atomic Redster STI 90 LC Race Ski Boots 2024
Atomic Redster STI 90 LC Race Ski Boots 2024
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