BONAFIDE SS107 Hardshell Kayak

BONAFIDE SS107 Hardshell Kayak



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The BONAFIDE SS107 kayak is designed to address the needs and challenges of kayak fishing, providing an efficient and organized experience on the water. The kayak comes equipped with the Boss Strap, a valuable accessory that enhances functionality and minimizes noise.

The Boss Strap features raised bosses on both the top and underside of the full rubber strap. These bosses serve different purposes to improve your fishing setup. On the top side, they assist in staging your rods and keeping the rod tips separated and ready for casting. This feature allows for quick access to the desired rod and helps maintain a tidy and organized fishing environment.

The bosses on the underside of the strap play a crucial role in securely storing your paddle blade. They provide friction and grip, keeping the paddle blade in place and preventing unwanted movement. This feature ensures that your paddle remains secure and quiet, enabling you to concentrate on your fishing without disturbances.

The Boss Strap kit includes four black nylon washers and four stainless steel screws, providing you with the necessary hardware for easy installation and secure attachment to your kayak. These high-quality materials ensure durability and longevity.

Furthermore, the BONAFIDE SS107 kayak, including the Boss Strap and other components, is proudly made in the USA. This commitment to local manufacturing reflects the brand's dedication to producing top-quality products and supporting the domestic economy.

Overall, the BONAFIDE SS107 with the Boss Strap offers practical solutions to common challenges in kayak fishing, enhancing efficiency, organization, and minimizing noise. It is designed to optimize your experience on the water, ensuring a more enjoyable and productive fishing adventure.

  • Hybrid Cat Hull design
  • DryPod™ with transducer through-hull scupper
  • Multi-rod and paddle management points
  • HiRise™ seating with ultra-high bass boat-like position
  • PerchPads™ for additional standing position on top of gunwales
  • Integrated Doubleheader hinge with DryPod™
  • Boss Strap™ rod management system
  • Fat Grip™ bow handle with comfort insert
  • Fat Grip™ retractable stern handle with comfort insert
  • YakAttack® Aluminum GearTrac™
  • Side carry handle with paddle storage
  • Low Profile Deck Fittings
  • SeatRack™ positioning system
  • Deck Traction Pads in the forward cockpit
  • Stern Access Plate for hull access
  • Replaceable dual stern skid plates
  • Double Acting Foot Braces™
  • Anodized aluminum foot brace track is strong and ultra-rigid
  • Sliding under seat Junk Drawer™

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BONAFIDE SS107 Hardshell Kayak
BONAFIDE SS107 Hardshell Kayak
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