CST Camber Comp, Wire Bead, 26 x 2.25 Mountain Bike Tire

CST Camber Comp, Wire Bead, 26 x 2.25 Mountain Bike Tire

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The CST Camber Comp is a high-performance mountain bike tire designed for hardpack trails, and it comes in a 26 x 2.25 size. Engineered with directional tread patterns, it is optimized for both front and rear use.

When mounted on the front wheel, the Camber offers impressive rolling speed, making it perfect for quick acceleration and maintaining momentum on hardpack surfaces. Its design allows it to bite into corners with confidence, providing excellent traction in loose terrain, ensuring you can take on those challenging turns with ease.

When used on the rear wheel in a reversed direction, the Camber excels in precision cornering, enhancing the overall handling of your bike. This tire configuration also enhances acceleration and climbing traction, giving you the necessary power to conquer steep inclines and technical sections.

The CST Camber tire is available in different bead options to suit your preferences. You can choose between a wire bead for affordability and durability, a folding bead with EPS (Exceptional Puncture Safety) puncture protection for added resilience against flats, or a UST-certified bead profile and casing for a tubeless setup.

The EPS puncture protection is an advanced feature that adds an extra layer of rubberized poly-fiber material between the tread and casing. This tight and lightweight weave effectively safeguards against foreign objects, preventing punctures and ensuring your rides remain smooth and trouble-free.

Whether you're an avid mountain biker seeking a reliable tire for hardpack trails or looking to upgrade your bike's performance, the CST Camber Comp is an excellent choice, offering versatility and exceptional performance in a variety of trail conditions.

  • Hardpack mountain bike tire designed to run in specific directions for the front and rear
  • In front, the Camber rolls fast, confidently grabbing corners even in loose conditions
  • Reversed on the rear, the Camber gives you the same confidence in the corners, plus additional acceleration and climbing traction
  • Folding bead option also provides lightweight EPS puncture protection layer for outstanding performance and durability

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CST Camber Comp, Wire Bead, 26 x 2.25 Mountain Bike Tire
CST Camber Comp, Wire Bead, 26 x 2.25 Mountain Bike Tire
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